Parallel with my work at The Haven, I have a thriving business researching, editing and designing books and other publications. I will be adding more examples of my work to this page soon. In the meantime, please contact me for details.

For now, here are the covers of two recent books, Bankside 123 Delivered, and Maria Gomori’s autobiography Passion for Freedom.

Bankside 123 Delivered was a major project for Bovis Lend Lease, Land Securities and Allies and Morrison Architects. My involvement with this, as with many other books, included research, writing, editing, design, graphics and prepress.

Allies and Morrison Architects described it as “a truly elegant book – clear and compelling – and a pleasure to read.” Bovis Lend Lease called it “a superb book … a piece of history captured and a work to be treasured.”


Maria Gomori is the world’s foremost practitioner of Satir family processes. In Passion for Freedom, published by The Haven Institute Press, she tells the story of her remarkable life. I worked with Maria to thoroughly edit the original material and add new chapters, and designed the cover and interior of the book.