I am a core faculty member at The Haven on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. Currently I co-lead the following highly experiential self-development programs there (follow the links for more information):

Come Alive. This is an eye-opening 5-day program offered at least once a month by different members of Haven faculty.

Living Alive Phase I. 25 days long, this is an opportunity for you to explore in depth who you are and how you are with others.

Living It! is a blended onsite and online program starting at The Haven and followed by 8 online sessions. Led by me and Susan Clarke, the program is intended for people who have taken Come Alive and  want to make real, practical use of The Haven in their daily lives.

Dynamic Empathy. This is a program created by me and Jane Olynyk to explore the exciting and challenging possibilities of empathy, on the basis of a model developed by Haven founders Jock McKeen and Ben Wong.